A bit of the future, and some of the past


In my crochet crystal ball, I foresee these flowers appearing around Christmas. Perhaps they will appear in some presents. That’s all I have for now about the future.

Regarding the past, as promised, I dug out some winter stuff that was packed away in the attic and have taken some photos of a crazy quilt I made about 15 years ago. Keep in mind that this blanket has been well-loved, well slept on by kitty cats, and often used and washed, so it’s a bit “rough around the edges.”



I started with these scrap pieces and worked out from there.


I quilted four large squares in each corner to bring some balance to the crazy quilt.


This is one of my favorite “secret places” on the quilt: a tiny house hidden amongst the fabrics.


This isn’t the proper way to appliqué, but I winged it.


Other things I’ve made

Before I hooked my first crochet stitch, I was a quilter. I bought a cheap Brother sewing machine my freshman year of college and I loved putting fabrics together ever since. Unfortunately, I have not documented this journey as well as I would have liked, and have also given away many projects before I took photos of them. I was able to find a few shots of things I’ve made. Once I dig out the winter blankets, I can show you another “crazy” quilt I made awhile back.