Christmas presents!

I have been waiting since OCTOBER to post some of these pictures, so I am excited to reveal to you several projects I made for friends and family this Christmas.

First, my good friend Julie was admiring the fingerless gloves I made for myself. I wasn’t sure how to recreate them, since I made them up as I went along. Instead, I found a fabulous pattern called “Shells & Bobbles” made by Beatrice Ryan Designs. Shells & Bobbles fingerless gloves pattern


I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in the color “Blackberry.” Instead of crocheting around and around my hand, this pattern goes straight across, and then you sew up the sides. The last step is to single stitch in a round in order to create the thumb, but for some reason I never took a final photo of this project.

The second Christmas present I made was a hat for my Mom.  It is a cable twist hat I found through the A.C. Moore website (or also on Thank God for this guy or else I never would have made it. I attempted this hat several times and needed his guidance to get me through those tough cables!


The third and fourth presents you may have already seen, if you follow me on instagram.

The first one is a combination of a hexagon pattern I copied from a book, (unfortunately, I don’t remember which one,) as well as a strawberry appliqué. I combined them to make a little end-table topper for a co-worker to imagine the joy of having chocolate and strawberries any time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The finished product

The fourth project was a fun holly triangle I found in a magazine. (It might have been Simply Crochet, but, once again, I’m not quite sure.)


It ended up being so large that my Dad calls it his “Reindeer Crossing” sign.  I wanted to give him something to hang up at work.

Lastly, and the project I am MOST excited to reveal is my first step into the world of Amirugumi, (creating small crocheted or knitted creatures.)  I found a “Beary Cute Mountain Play Set” pattern on The Yarn & Hook blog.

Crocheting the bear was actually the hardest creation I have yet encountered.

Unlike “granny squares,” a bear has to actually look like an animal, with the nose and the ears and the legs in the right place.  I started and scrapped a few bears before ending up with this one.


Of course, I had to take Mr. Bear out into the world to get his…., well, his bearings!

And so, through the woods we went…



Into a clearing….


And after a long day outside, Mr. Bear came back indoors to live inside my African Violet plant until he had a real “beary” home to live in.


On to the next stage! The mountain!


img_3744In this case, you start from the top,

img_3745and work your way down the mountain….


img_3762Ta-da! A Beary Cute Mountain playset!




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